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Common Issues


This section gives you answers to questions that will arise sooner or later when working with your Dreambox.


I have installed all plug-ins I need on to the image. Can I do a backup of the entire image?

Yes, you can. In case you have already adapted your favorite image to your needs it can be time consuming to reinstall all the plug-ins in case you have to newly flash your Dreambox.

What we need:
- plug-in FlashBackup downloaded and installed onto your Dreambox
- working internet connection for your Dreambox and PC
- Patience is essential here ;-) Backing up your image can take up to 3 minutes! Do not interrupt the process!

Step 1

After installing & rebooting your Dreambox you will find the Plug-in in the plug-ins of your Dreambox:





Step 2

Write down the filename of your image. In our example the filename is:


Step 3

Navigate to the directory in which the file has been created. In our example it is


Step 4

Copy the file containing the backup onto your windows PC via the Dreambox Control Center software.

Step 5

You will be able to flash the file back onto your Dreambox just as any other NFI-image by following this guide.


My Dreambox does not find all channels available. What should I do?

You will have to update the satellite.xml file on your Dreambox.

Step 1

Download the latest satellite.xml file, for example from here.

Step 2

Now, we will have to transfer this file to its right "place" on the Dreambox. For that, we will need to download, install and open the Dreambox Control Center E2.

Step 3

Now, let us transfer the file you have just downloaded. For that, the file has to appear in the Dreambox Control Center's right-hand window:


My Dreambox uses a wrong (system) time for recordings!

This is a known issue when you are watching TV-channels in a different time zone from that of your home country. I noticed that especially after watching Arabsat at 26 East the system time is almost sure to be wrong when returning to a less exotic satellite like Astra.

Please install the following add-on to fix that problem (You will find a guide to installing an add-on here):

- Pauli Neutrino Keymap

You will be able to set the system time manually after installing it.

How can I change the password used to access my Dreambox & WebIf?

Type in the command prompt & follow the instructions:








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